Street Food Recommendations in London Make You Full

The city of London, apart from being a destination for many students to study there. However, the city of London is also famous for its quite diverse tourist attractions. Starting from the Big Ben clock tower which is a very iconic building in the city of London, the historic tower bridge, Tower Bridge, to the River Thames. Apart from that, it is a historical tourist attraction. However, the city also has Street Food in London that you have to try. The city of London has culinary tourism whose quality and taste can be compared to others. So, on this occasion we will provide a series of recommendations that you should visit!

Partridges Food Market

At Partridges Food Market, there are around 70 affordable but delicious food stalls that you can try as much as you like. Apart from that, the service here is also fast and good. You don’t have to wait long, because you only have to queue for 5 minutes. Dishes ranging from Marocan to Caribbean can be found here. Here you can even taste cheese samples without having to pay or for free.

Greenwich Market

Next is Greenwich Market which you can visit with friends or family. Indeed, this market is not as big as Borough Market. But at least this market provides several kinds of culinary delights that you are guaranteed to have never tried. As we know, Greenwich has long been known as the world’s zero point. However, who would have thought that this city has a market with delicious street food too.

Camden Market

Next is Camden Market, where the food street here is very busy and the prices are very cheap. The food stalls here don’t just offer places to sit. This is because most food stalls here use the take away concept. So after buying food, you need to get ready to find a very comfortable resting place so you can eat food. As for the types of food recommended for you to try, some of them are steak at Steak HOUSE, Deep Fried Cheese at Oli Baba’s, The Cheese Truck, and burgers in burgers, namely bread with lots of cheese at The Cheese Bar.

Dalston Food Market

At the Dalston Food Market you can find various types of food for all groups, from toddlers to even the elderly, everything is here, you know. The next most recommended street food is at Dalston Food Market. The food street here has become apple heaven. How come? The reason is that here you can find several kinds of culinary delights with apple as the basic ingredient. Like apple pie, to apple beer. The food street in this market is really suitable as a vacation spot for you and your family. So, are you interested in enjoying snacks at Dalston Food Market?