For a franchise network, social networks are essential tools today, whether to improve the brand image of the brand or to attract new customers at the point of sale. Among them, Instagram has immense potential to help you develop your business. However, using this platform cannot be improvised: here are 10 practical tips to boost your visibility on Instagram.

1) Post on Instagram regularly

Regularity is an essential point on Instagram, as on all other social networks. By posting often, you remain permanently visible in your subscribers’ news feeds and stay in touch with your customers. For even greater efficiency, it is essential to identify the best times to publish to obtain maximum reach.

2) Choose the proper hashtags

To gain visibility on Instagram, using relevant hashtags in your publications is essential. Depending on your goals and your field of activity, you must choose between popular hashtags, searched by millions of people, and «niche» hashtags. Although less popular, these will allow you to target your customers precisely check now.

3) Post more videos

The Instagram Video feature (formerly IGTV), which allows you to publish long videos of up to 1 hour, is experiencing growing success. However, these large-format videos will enable you to build strong links with your community and generate more engagement. Indeed, video is very effective in capturing the attention of your fans and maintaining their interest. This format is trendy, and its popularity is expected to continue to increase in the future: it would therefore be a shame to miss it!

4) Broadcast lives on Instagram

Instagram has a live video streaming feature called Instagram Live. Platform users particularly appreciate this format for its spontaneous and improvised aspect. By broadcasting lives, you humanize your point of sale by creating a direct link with your customers while maintaining authenticity. In addition, live videos are indicated by notifications that appear at the top of your subscribers’ news feeds, quickly increasing your visibility.

5) Create Insta Reels

The «reels» (in French, «tapes» or «reels») are short 15-second videos, allowing you to create fun and rhythmic montages while adding the music of your choice. This format, specific to Instagram, is trendy for its fast and entertaining side. On the other hand, the social network values ​​in its algorithm account that regularly publish reels.

6) Post Instagram Stories

Stories have undoubtedly become the most popular type of Instagram content; therefore, they are essential for your point of sale. You can, for example, use stories to share the daily life of your company and your team and promote your new products. In addition, reports are displayed at the top of your fans’ news feeds, which is a real asset for your visibility on Instagram.

7) Remove subscribers to gain visibility

This technique may seem counterintuitive, but it’s worth regularly analyzing your follower list to remove «questionable» accounts, such as those with strange names or without a profile photo. Indeed, the Instagram algorithm rewards the number of qualified subscribers and the number of real people who follow you.

8) Collaborate with influencers

Collaborating with influencers is another effective method to increase your visibility through Instagram. Indeed, these users, who have a large and loyal audience, can gain you a multitude of subscribers. To do this, they have to reshare one of your publications or mention you in their posts, inviting their community to follow your Insta account.

9) Organize competitions

Running contests can help you quickly get new followers on your Instagram pro account. To do this, ask Internet users to follow you on Instagram to be able to participate in your game. It is a simple and effective technique for collecting new fans and obtaining «Likes.»

10) Advertise on Instagram

Instagram offers an exciting advertising tool since it allows you to precisely target your audience based on their geographic area, interests, or age. This way, you can quickly make yourself known to qualified prospects, who will likely subscribe to your account and even become new customers of your point of sale.

Quotes & posts with a message: Instagram’s darlings

Posts and quotes are the stars of Instagram. Brands, influencers, and simple users all use this content distribution method. This allows you to share an inspiration, a mood, and a touch of humor. For businesses, these message posts are a way to announce a new product, competition, or promotion. Essential for your Instagram visibility!

In addition to increasing your visibility, this type of content has the advantage of airing out your feed. By inserting a quote or message post between two photos, you highlight your content: navigation will be smoother and more pleasant for the user.