When compared to other Hollywood actors, Omar Sy stands apart. Sy, meanwhile, would rather dress as a maintenance worker and spend his days putting up billboard posters on the Paris Metro than pose for hours in front of posters or recite scripted comedy tales on late-night talk programs.

1. The Lost Prince

Omar Sy first got his start in acting by appearing on Jamel Debbouze’s radio show and later formed the double act with Fred Testot as part of the comedy sketch duo Omar et Fred. From there, he started landing small roles in French movies before hitting it big with The Intouchables.

In this film, Sy stars as Stefan Loristan, a man who lives in exile from his home country Samavia. He meets a crippled boy nicknamed “The Rat” and the two begin to dream of their homeland. They come up with a plan to bring back the Lost Prince, who is the rightful heir to the throne of Samavia. The Lost Prince is an allegory that hints at deeper spiritual truths. Consciously or not, the author may have modeled Stefan Loristan on Jesus. The parallels are simply too strong to be a coincidence.

2. The Call of the Wild

In this classic adventure novel, Jack London explores many themes that resonate with today’s readers. From animal cruelty to the fight for wealth and power, The Call of the Wild touches on universal issues that are relevant across cultures.

Omar Sy is a French actor who became a major movie star after his scene-stealing role in The Intouchables. He went on to become one-half of the comedy duo Omar et Fred with Fred Testot, appearing in numerous other popular gnula films. Known for his charisma and gift for physical comedy, Sy is now a star of international cinema. He has appeared in movies such as X-Men: Days of Future Past and Jurassic World. He also lent his voice to the animated film Norm of the North. He is a Cesar Award-winning actor. He lives in Paris with his wife and children.

3. Night Shift

From the author of the breakout thriller Every Last Fear comes a nail-biting story of murder and the ties that bind.

Sy started his career as a comedian and made regular appearances on Jamel Debbouze’s radio show before forming comedy double-act Omar et Fred with Fred Testot. He went on to land a number of small roles in French movies.

In 2011, Sy shot to fame starring in Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano’s buddy drama The Intouchables. The film, in which he plays a streetwise young man who becomes the caregiver for a quadriplegic aristocrat, was a massive hit.

During the first season of Night Shift, Ragosa is a strict and professional character. Throughout the season, he and TC Callahan have a rivalry that escalates into physical violence. This is mainly due to their contrasting personalities.

4. Yao

After years of playing supporting roles, Sy became a bona fide star with his scene-stealing turn in The Intouchables, the feel-good drama about a quadriplegic aristocrat and his caretaker. His character brought him international fame and a Cesar (France’s Oscar) nomination.

Directed by Philippe Godeau, Yao is the story of a self-assured boy’s determination to meet his idol. The innate charm of Lionel Basse as Yao and Sy’s effortless charisma make the film a pleasure to watch.

The movie also shows what it’s like to be a professional athlete, as seen through the eyes of Houston Rockets player Yao Ming and his translator Colin Pine. The 7’6” Yao dominates the frame, but he isn’t the most verbal of players.

5. Father & Soldier

Omar Sy started his career as a comedian but became a household name after the French film ‘The Intouchables’. In the movie, he played Driss, a man from the banlieue who becomes the caretaker for a wealthy quadriplegic. His performance in the movie earned him several awards including ‘Globe de Cristal Award’ and ‘Lumieres Award’.

Father & Soldier is the second feature from director Mathieu Vadepied, who Sy met working as a cinematographer on Intouchables. Based on true stories of Senegalese Tirailleurs, a regiment of colonized African soldiers, the film follows Bakary Diallo (Omar Sy), who enlists in the French army to keep his son safe from World War I horrors. Alassane Diong co-stars in this moving if somewhat movie-ish drama, which is opening Cannes’ Un Certain Regard sidebar.